How do you survive socio-economically and manage to finance non-donation TZM activism?

People struggle to finance themselves, specially if they understand TZMs Train of Thought. This impacts the quality of activism work done towards a more sustainable future. A catalogue/collection of current economic activities done by current established members might give struggeling members/ interested people some perspective and motivation.

Help others that are trapped doing meaningless jobs for too long hours per day by sharing your strategy on how to survive socio-economically and having a balanced activism life.


I´m from Germany, there is some form of social security net here so I am currently forced to use it. It is not much but it helps me survive. Financing other things is not possible though. Until last year I was working at the university for several years this sucked me right back into the system, so activism was not possible due to time constraints - I was working 10 hours per day, 6 days a week and earning just part time salary.

The trend I’ve witnessed during the 2 economic turmoils of this decade is that IT on all levels and areas are a solid source of income and stability.

The great thing about it is that a lot of learning materials are available for free. So my advice would be to check this out. Of course, it’s not the only solution.


Hi, this might be possible route, for example a youtuber called MrBeast, he started from $1 a day, then it grew eventually. due to his reinvesting all the profit back to community and donate huge money in philanthropy (in millions). if tzm members are able to gain significant money in this way, then able to materialize more project too


I´m working on a youtube-channel right now. Interesting post, thx ^^

this article explains it