Zeit-Talks studio setup

Welcome to the Zeit-Talks studio! :slight_smile: Here we conduct interviews, host presentations, casually talk about the Zeitgeist train of thought, and comment on current developments in the world. Some of these talks may be in Dutch.

We conduct these talks via our own Jitsi server and stream them live on our YouTube channel. These Zeit-Talks are published in our YouTube playlist.

If you want to leave suggestions for the next show, then please let us know in the comments in this thread or on YouTube.

Update/todo: For now we don’t have enough resources to directly stream or record the online sessions. However, we don’t have to. We could setup Jibri on a different system, like my laptop or PC at home. The problem with Jibri on the server itself is that it doesn’t have enough CPU cores to process the frames with ffmpeg. Because of that it stacks frames in memory, causing a fillup of all RAM and eventually crashes. This problem won’t happen with systems with more than 4 cores and more than 4GB of RAM. Running Jibri on a separate system won’t cause issues, since the Jibri system will be just a hidden participant that records the session. So it could be hosted anywhere, just like the clients connect from anywhere. I’ll test this later this year, but since @Serf is on a TZM break I won’t prioritize this. Since he’s the co-host of these events :slight_smile:


Created a topic in the Jitsi community, but no documentation seems to exist for this setup. But I’ll check it out later on and update this thread with my troubleshooting and such.

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An addition to this project, podcast version: Zeit-Talks | Podcast on Spotify

The episodes will be uploaded as audio-only to Spotify and platforms like that. And on YouTube it will be audio+visual.

This will be a 2022 Q3 project I guess. I’m too busy with other TZM and non-TZM projects at the moment :slight_smile: