Video upload alternative | TROM as ally for The Zeitgeist Movement?

As you might know, it’s great to have a less restrictive and worrying publisher for the videos.
Youtube might be great, but nobody knows the Youtube’s algorithms, it’s all closed sourced.

What if a day will come when Youtube will simply decide to close down the TZM Youtube Channel, for one or another reason. Without a notice or a recovery or a backup, as usual.

After searching around the Instances on PeerTube I’ve found that TROM has already an instance setup.

I’m not sure if it’s worth uploading anything on their instance for now.
It’s better to contact them, if there will ever be a need.

This post is just to inform that they exist.

These are the filters I’ve applied to the PeerTube to find the Instance of TROM


Trom social experiment had been around already 12 years. It is trade-free experiment. If you afraid of project close down- get involved.


This is indeed a real risk. I don’t fear a targeted attack on TZM, but takedowns do happen. PeerTube may indeed be a good additional broadcast platform. Once I get my Zeit-Talks thingy going I intend to also upload it to the Fediverse :slight_smile:

Feel free to mirror any TZM video that license-wise also allows it.