TZMC server upgrade

Our tzmc1 server which hosts the forum and Jitsi runs on Debian. Recently Debian 11 was released. I’m never too eager to upgrade on day 1, I usually wait until the point release. To be clear, I’ll wait for Debian 11.1. Although much care is taken into these releases, not all issues are exposed until a wider audience starts using it. That’s why I’ll wait for Debian 11.1.

The following steps will need to be taken to make this upgrade as smooth as possible.

Run the Ansible playbooks in Ansible Molecule with the Debian 11 image. This will expose any issues with the Ansible playbook that have changed in Debian 11. I’ll add my fixes for Debian 11 in a different branch on our GitLab. This branch will be called “bullseye”, which is the release codename of Debian 11.
Prepare a new VM in the cloud to provision the tzmc1 server with the latest playbook and initiate the VMs on there for Jitsi and Discourse (the forum). This VM will then get as a DNS label.
Restore a backup into the new Discourse (forum) instance and check functionality.
Set the TTL of the forum and forum-dev DNS records to 1 minute. And wait for 24 hours to make sure this change has propagated.
If all works fine, put the in read-only. Create one final backup. Restore it on forum-dev, check functionality, and then switch the DNS over from forum-dev to forum and vice versa.
After one week, the old VM can be removed.
Merge the Ansible “bullseye” git branch into the main one.

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Ansible Molecule is now happy with Debian 11.

PLAY RECAP ***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
tzmc1                      : ok=70   changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0    skipped=8    rescued=0    ignored=0

INFO     Idempotence completed successfully.
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