TZM Free Shelter/Accommodation available now

Zeitgeist Commune Housing project has been launched, a dedicated facility for members usage. Free accommodation also available, (for members only).

TZM malaysia chapter is offering a possible better lives, free shelter/accommodation is available now. main feature of the city, multi layered city system, vehicle are moving underground, high-tech & smart feature. Forest City Vertical Greenery System - Green & Smart | Forest City forestcity_intro.pdf - Google Drive

  • a commune housing project.
  • provide permanently free accommodation to tzm members only
  • Accept both international and local members
  • Demonstration of privately owned property but publicly accessible
  • Serve as transition project, toward post scarcity society model
  • Reduce dependency on monetary slave system
  • Moving from primitive (self-based capitalism) to more civilized/advanced & sharing society

for more info how to move to this city, join our facebook group


@Serf sounds like something for you :sunglasses:

Cool project - perfect place to check out when travel becomes possible again.

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