Recent forum changes

Created 2 new badges, one for when you join a team and one for when you join a chapter. This helps to identify the involvement of someone on the forum.

Also replaced Google as a search option with DuckDuckGo via a custom theme component. This Google search pops up as an option if the internal search doesn’t have any result. DDG is more in line with the ethics of our movement.

And added 2 more tags, one for a #lecture and one for an #interview (the custom logos for some reason don’t work for these tags, filed a bug report) - these tags are also automatically added if the text contains these words. I predict that this most of the time will go fine, if not, I can change this of course.

For some months the new Discourse sidebar has been tested on In a recent Discourse release this also became available as an experimental option to enable. It’s still labeled as experimental, however, it has matured. So as an experiment, I’ve enabled it now.

Read more about it here.

Hopefully the new theme (Focused Sidebar) that comes with this will be released soon as well.