Recent forum changes

In this thread I’ll keep you up to date on changes implemented on the forum. This includes recent major updates, new plugins, different setup of categories, UI/UX changes, etc.

Major changes may be treated as #activism:projects and carry the #discourse tag.

I’ve enabled an official plugin for topic thumbnails. It makes the multi-media topics a bit more attractive. I’ve only enabled it for #train-of-thought:videos and #train-of-thought:images… Since many topics don’t get a thumbnail and then you’re just wasting space with default thumbnail icons that are distracting from the real content.

I also installed the latest update last week, check out the changes below.

I added and enabled a theme component which makes it more clear what a category is about by creating a banner of the “about category” text. Example can be seen here: #train-of-thought:videos

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The Jitsi provider (for video/voice meetings) is now using the public instance rather then our own self-hosted solution. The reason for this is that this service isn’t used much. The main benefit of hosting it ourselves is more flexibility and moderation. By not hosting our own Jitsi anymore we will free up resources on the server, allowing us to downgrade the resource requirements and cut down the financial cost to host the forum in half. Our own Jitsi will retire in the coming month.

Another change is that we will move from Plausible to Matomo. Both are self-hosted, but the Matomo instance is hosted on another server from @chapter_netherlands. Both Plausible and Matomo are privacy friendly alternatives for Google Analytics. Plausibe will also retire the coming month, freeing up resources as well.

Maintenance announcement

On the 15th and 16th of July the forum will be in maintenance and thus limited available. On these days I’ll move the forum to a new VPS (virtual machine in a data center). If the maintenance is done sooner it will be of course available sooner. It will most likely go into read-only mode on the 15th until sufficient backups/snapshots have been made.