Photos for the Commons

This project is about raising awareness about our goal of making the commons grow. The commons is a way to refer to shared resources that are collectively managed. One way to describe the goal of TZM is for the whole world to become a commons, all resources be common heritage of all the world’s people. The more this goal is reminded and known by everyone the faster we will go towards it.

Having a symbol to show support for a goal makes it easy to show support for the goal. After years of trying out different symbols we have found that the sign language C is a good symbol to represent support for the Commons. Now we just have to get enough people and hopefully celebrities to use this symbol so as for it to be recognized world wide. That is what Project Photos for the Commons is about.

The plan is for us to collect and share photos of ourselves and others doing the sign language C and sharing them on social media with the hastag InvestInTheCommons . The different ways we can participate in this project are:

  1. Taking an uploading a photo of us and people we know/meet.
  2. Introducing the project to other people and groups and asking them to participate.
  3. Introducing the project to celebrities and asking them to participate.

This thread is for us to share photos and talk about our progress, experiences, complications and ask for help.


Hi Mark, have you already made some of these pictures? Please feel free to share them here. It might inspire others to do the same.

One suggestion though, to make it more clear what the C hand sign means, it would maybe be a good idea to create a template that people can use as an overlay for their photos. That overlay then explains the hand sign and perhaps gives a link to the project for more info. Otherwise people might not relate it to what you’re trying to promote.

People might think it’s a gang sign or popular trend they missed out on, things like that. With that overlay in the style of the Facebook profile picture frames this confusion is taken away for sure :slight_smile: