Peter Joseph got suspended on Twitter

Generally, Twitter accounts get suspended or put in “Twitter jail” for a few hours, a few days, or get banned entirely, depending on the severity of the misconduct.

During the Twitter suspension, the affected account cannot tweet, comment, or use Twitter as you normally would. This platform also offers users to appeal for the removal of the suspension.
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On Friday, July 1, 2022
Peter Jospeh got suspended on Twitter for a post.

Twitter Account:

Some fragments of his Twitter posts can be found on the Internet Wayback machine.

His latest post on Facebook:

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I just saw it too. Time to popularize Mastodon. Then moderation isn’t in the hands of just one corporation which values a different meaning of proper moderation. Discourse is also working on federation between instances. Maybe one day we can connect with other like-minded organizations like that and form our own activist community independent from the big social-media firms.

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that’s hilarious, “peter joseph” (not his real name) gets banned and a taste of his own liberal censorious BS that we’ve had to put up with for years. Not just that, but over such a dumb post, if Rogan had endorsed one of the liberal governors who have turned their cities into liberal drug-infested “equality” hellholes “peter joseph” wouldn’t have given it a second thought.
Blinded by his partisan BS, “peter joseph” couldn’t see even in the slightest why people would prefer to live in capitalist Florida under DeSantis than in Detroit or LA, especially after all the forced lockdowns and vaccination nonsense over a flu (which “peter joseph” and zeitgeist fully endorsed incase you were wondering what life would be like under their “decentralized” control.)

Welcome to the forum!

However, I do get the impression you’ve been practicing your Zeitgeist trolling over the years and repeat these one liners wherever you can. Calm down. Make your point without the rhetoric. This is not Facebook/Twitter or whatever place where you have to be all over the place with your comment to attract as much response as possible. We will listen without the drama as well.

This forum is setup by and for the TZM community. Do you consider yourself a TZM activist?

Welcome to a forum where we discuss a train of thought antagonistic to capitalism.
Since you seem to like to use BS in your trolling it’s safe to say BS is a good description for your dumb post.

Take care haarp (not his real name).

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