Out-System Vs. In-System Activism

Many today who see the need for deep systemic change to society, who have experienced decades of political paralysis from corrupting corporate/Market influence over policy and elections... who watch billionaires become owners of our data, our social networks, and even define free speech...where dire ecological and human problems go ignored by our profit blind Society . . .  are turning more and more to what's termed "Out-System" approaches — that is actions for change which reject and operate outside current institutions and infrastructure. Examples include mutual aid, off-grid communities, use-share/tool libraries, time banks, etc. These have been popular tactics in radical change movements historically. Now, with today's technical advancements of Open Source, 3D Printing, and modern Digital Connectivity, we can be even more effective in draining our dependence on the machine of Capitalism.

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Tricky, some good points. Mutual aid networks are the entry point for a lot of activists, for the young and disenfranchised it can be hard to see the routes into systemic change from within the established structures, as that requires entry into those structures we’re often denied access to.

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