Open-source software to use


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:memo: Text editors

:man_technologist: Software hosting


:framed_picture: Image and Graphics Editors

:film_strip: Video editors

:musical_score: Music Production

:diya_lamp: Social Media

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:ear_of_rice: Agriculture


@BoQsc you may maintain a list here with anyone else that has trust level 1 or higher :slight_smile:


Gitlab is open source as well :slight_smile: You can self host it, or use their cloud version, which you have to pay for to get premium features. But with the self hosted one you get these features as well.

That’s true, I’m not sure how I should change it (the sentence).

is similar to GitLab and unlike GitHub: is Open Source and Free.

Is that well enough.

GitLab Enterprise license

GitLab Global License

Ah okay, yeah I read it like both are closed source. Only GitHub is closed source of those 2 :slight_smile:

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We all know which text editor is the best! :lying_face:

We all know it’s nano! :clown_face:


Mastodon is indeed awesome.

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