Olive Video Editor (open-source)

Olive Video Editor [Alpha 0.1] (prefered by me, but not supported anymore)

For a simple Video Editing Olive Video Editor is really handy. It is cross platform.
Currently I still use Alpha 0.1 version since Alpha 0.2 is still very unstable.

There are a lot of Tutorials, and it’s way better than you think!
However, still has no support for .srt files and has no support for Adobe Premier Pro.

Download: https://olivevideoeditor.org/download.php
Github page: GitHub - olive-editor/olive: Free open-source non-linear video editor
(Seems to be inactive for a while, not sure, but I have a feeling that things might move forward)
Patreon: https://patreon.com/olivevideoeditor

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Awesome! A good and stable video editor on e.g. Linux hasn’t emerged yet. Kdenlive is kinda great, but pulls in all the KDE stuff on a GNOME system, not great. It would be awesome if Lightworks finally makes their promise true about going open-source: High-End Lightworks Video Editor Finally Says Why They Didn't Go Open-Source Yet - Phoronix

I changed the title, it’s best to keep topics contained to a specific subject (no mega-threads). If you want to create a wiki page with useful open-source software, then we can also do that. I’ll set one up for you.

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I nowadays use Blender to edit videos. Very stable and mature :slight_smile:

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For now I’ve abandoned Olive Video Editor as it turned the other way with Alpha 0.2 version.
It’s not as simple as it felt before. I have a worry that Blender does not have proper subtitling and .srt support, just like any other Video Editor, even Adobe Premier Pro for a long time had only very basic things in regards of subtitles.

For now I’m waiting for KdenLive to become better at subtitles and giving more control over them.
If that will be the case, I’m probably sticking with KdenLive for some longer time.

I would only add subtitles for meme videos. Because when the subtitles are rendered into your video, you cannot improve it anymore when uploaded.

I created the video below with Blender.

I added the subs with this plugin: GitHub - doakey3/Subsimport: Blender 3d addon for importing and editing subtitle and lyric files.

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