Olive Video Editor (open-source)

Olive Video Editor [Alpha 0.1] (prefered by me, but not supported anymore)

For a simple Video Editing Olive Video Editor is really handy. It is cross platform.
Currently I still use Alpha 0.1 version since Alpha 0.2 is still very unstable.

There are a lot of Tutorials, and it’s way better than you think!
However, still has no support for .srt files and has no support for Adobe Premier Pro.

Download: https://olivevideoeditor.org/download.php
Github page: GitHub - olive-editor/olive: Free open-source non-linear video editor
(Seems to be inactive for a while, not sure, but I have a feeling that things might move forward)
Patreon: https://patreon.com/olivevideoeditor

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Awesome! A good and stable video editor on e.g. Linux hasn’t emerged yet. Kdenlive is kinda great, but pulls in all the KDE stuff on a GNOME system, not great. It would be awesome if Lightworks finally makes their promise true about going open-source: High-End Lightworks Video Editor Finally Says Why They Didn't Go Open-Source Yet - Phoronix

I changed the title, it’s best to keep topics contained to a specific subject (no mega-threads). If you want to create a wiki page with useful open-source software, then we can also do that. I’ll set one up for you.

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