Modular laptop, for easier upgrades and repairability (Framework laptop)

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I think iFixit review is more concise.

Key point: The main-board (motherboard) is still not modular and you have to replace the whole main-board if you want to upgrade the CPU or the GPU. However in general it’s one of the friendlier kind of laptops in case of replacing things.


If the CPU socket is indeed different, then a different motherboard is needed. That’s an unfortunate reality, also for desktop PCs.

As an aside to the below: the main-board is kind of tiny, which is making the idea of soldered CPU a less horrible one.

The CPU is soldered on the main-board. It is mentioned in the iFixit Video above and also here:

  1. The CPU is soldered, as unfortunately socketed mobile CPUs are long gone. By making the rest of the high value parts of the mainboard socketed though, the remaining value is largely in the CPU. We’ve designed for making the mainboard easy to replace.

Source: Framework Laptop – How ALL laptops should be made | Hacker News


This is the buzz on the Web! Progress on the proof that repair for longevity is the trending zeitgeist to be… :toolbox: :hammer_and_wrench:

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The Framwork laptop is now in stock :slight_smile: