Jitsi meetings explained (request moderator accounts and how to get started)


We have setup our own Jitsi server which is powered by renewable power, just like this forum. Jitsi is an open-source online video/voice conference application. It uses end-to-end encryption and does not require registration or a client app. It runs fine in your browser, however, you may install a client on your computer/smartphone.

Because there is no registration, everyone in a meeting room is by default a moderator. Therefore, we disabled this default setting because it would open up the possibility for trolls to mute and kick people for fun. It is a requirement that a registered moderator has to open a meeting room before other people can join.

Request a moderator account

Please request your moderator account in this thread, after evaluation we will send you your credentials in a PM (Personal Message). These will then be your personal credentials, please don’t share them with others, if other people need to be a moderator too, then they can request an account here. :slight_smile:

Embed a meeting

You can use the toolbar menu to embed a meeting into a forum topic, as is shown below. Please post these meetings in the #activism:events category and add the #meeting tag to it.
Screenshot from 2021-07-08 11-09-14

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Below is just a test meeting room :wave: Note that a moderator needs to open a meeting room. Please read the top post to learn more about how to obtain a moderator account.

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