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ITER, the scientific experiment in southern France that aims to demonstrate that hydrogen fusion—the energy source of the Sun and stars—can be harnessed for electricity production on a massive scale.

At ITER, the European Union (plus the UK and Switzerland), China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States are opening the way to a new, safe, clean and unlimited energy source.

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Is said to be finished in 2026. As a research facility it won’t generate electricity, just consume it. So far the record for technology is net loss of 1/3 thermal energy. The attempt is to gain 90% thermal energy by making things bigger.

Imho too little too late, but I wish them luck.

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In other news, not sure what to think of it, but would be cool :clown_face:

“His slate of highly-ambitious, borderline sci-fi designs meant for use by the U.S. government range from gravitational wave generators and compact fusion reactors to next-gen hybrid aerospace-underwater crafts with revolutionary propulsion systems, and beyond.”

They once invented UFOs to cover up military aircraft tests, so I wouldn’t believe that. It’s probably just dying empire trying to cling to power by inventing ever more colorful propaganda for people to cling to during economical and social collapse.


Well explained current situation of fusion and iter.

Fusion energy: can we tame plasma at 100 million degrees? (28th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference)

A great overview on Fusion Energy.