Is There a Better Economic System than Capitalism?

The video has interesting parts, but we know that the statement “produced in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible” (Is There a Better Economic System than Capitalism? - YouTube) is a lie. In the best of cases, it is possible for a good to be produced making the most efficient use only of the resources available to the producer. But that is not relevant for the rest of the people if:

  • The most efficient way in which said good could be produced is not applied, using the most durable resources, the most advanced knowledge of humanity and the best available technology.
  • Good is not made to last.
  • A large part of those resources that are used to produce the good are then discarded (the video mentions this, but does not make clear the relationship between waste and the supposed efficiency).
  • The utility of the good is limited in comparison with other similar goods.
  • The utility of the good is directly zero and it manages to be sold only thanks to a culture that values consumption, possession and ostentation.
  • Good will soon be obsolete.

Regarding the cost, the cost measured in money is not the same as the real cost for the environment and for the future availability of resources.