Impact Hub Amsterdam - What they do

More and more initiatives are popping up to build a more sustainable economy. Read here about the Impact Hub in Amsterdam. Below is a snippet of the text.

Impact Hub Amsterdam connects pioneers, leaders and innovators to organisations, investors, and the public sector. We are a collaboration and innovation enabler. Because complex issues our society is facing cannot be solved alone. They ask for collaboration, they ask for everybody to participate, and for everybody to understand deeply they have a role to play.

Impact Hub Amsterdam is part of the Impact Hub network of 17,000 entrepreneurs and innovators in 102+ locations worldwide in 50+ countries spanning five continents. Since 2008 we have supported the start, growth and scaling of 4000+ of impact entrepreneurs, hosted 2400+ impact-focused events, provided collaborative working space for 3800+ members, and built a wider ecosystem of 10.000+ diverse impact actors in key issue areas, such as sustainable food, circularity, fashion and inclusion.