If you are new to the forum, this random thread is for you to test things

You can write random things here in the comments to test the things out.
The comments won’t stay here for long.

Linking large files

Recommended internet storage is Google Drive or Mega.nz,
If you want to share, you can also upload a video on Youtube.
https://www.y2mate.com/ can be used to grab the uploaded Youtube Video.

Be careful with closing a browser, the autosave is not fool-proof

Discourse lacking things

I’d like that unsaved unposted comments and posts and their versions would be saved as long term drafts. So that we don’t lose anything by accident. This is almost non-existant.

Another nice thing to see in a Discourse would be a Notepad. So that you could save notes while composing threads or trying to figure out a reply while browsing forum

It is not possible to suggest an edit to another user’s post

I realized that Discourse does not support edit suggestions.

It is not possible to upload a video

I’d like to know the upload limits of the Discouse attachments and to see how would an uploaded video would look like. I’m uploading Zeitgeist.Moving.Forward here.

Ehhm. It seems That we are unable/not allowed to upload Video Files on this Discourse.
And that is alright, I’m just testing. You can’t hope to upload a whole movie on the forum!

Anyways. That would take a lot of space, and soon the forum would be overrun by large settling files that might not even be used more than once.

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I appreciate your enthusiasm! :smiley: But indeed, let’s stick to 3rd party platforms for video uploads. Otherwise the costs for backups would go up for us. The upload limit is set to 4MB and indeed only a few file types are allowed.

I’ve set an auto-delete timer for replies in this topic to keep the thread tidy. And since it will just be about testing things.

Check out this thread to see what can be done for formatting on this forum: Showcase of forum thread features - Docs - TZM Community Forum

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I just realized that you can’t edit a post after certain time.

Also there seems to be no support for `iframe`, but that's not a huge problem.

Testing on how Discourse react to MEGA.nz links | This is a video file

Hi, there is support for iframes, however we use content-security-policies. So it would only work for websites that we allow. This is to prevent phishing and other nasty things. Please explain what you would like to include in an iframe and why. We might then add it to our allow list :slight_smile:

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Thanks, now it explains why embed might not work!

Ehh, there is no need. It’s just a test.
I just wanted to test if I could share and embed a video:
That I’ve composed and hosted on mega.nz: (61.98 MB file on MEGA)

This is how the embed looks like:

<iframe width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" src="https://mega.nz/embed/9oxzHIjK#pcG4BRskeZIkLf8m6HhOb6tVQI7DqcDSSSZHY6e5puo" allowfullscreen ></iframe>

If you have no objection to use YouTube, those URLs are automatically embedded as a video player :slight_smile:

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These links of mega.nz do not end in a file extension, therefore that’s the reason they are not automatically embedded. And besides that, even if they did end up as .mp4, the mega.nz link is basicly a link to a mega.nz video player, not a video file itself.

There is no way to get a mega.nz direct link to the video file and embed as a video file.
The Only way is to embed the whole Mega.nz player. Which is not allowed due to your previous mention. And that’s not a bad thing. But mega.nz might be a good alternative to Google Drive or Youtube, since it allows downloading and gives a lot of free space, focuses on Privacy and is long-standing.

Example of mega.nz URL that should be automatically embedded, but it isn’t since this link does not point to a video file, it points to Mega.nz video player:

Anyways, not a big deal. We can use Youtube, not sure if Google Drive have the same way of working as Mega.nz I just don’t like that Youtube has no built-in option to download a video.

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I understand, Vimeo should also work in the context of automatically embed the video player and have the option to download the videos.

It’s probably best to submit a feature request to have mega.nz treated the same way as YouTube/Vimeo and alike. You may do this via https://meta.discourse.org/

I suppose Discourse sanitizes links as well when it’s embedded, this improves security. I’m a little hesitant to add a full domain to our content allow-list.

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Alright, I’ve made some Mega.nz thread in the Meta, just in case, since there were none before.

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