Global TZM chapters map (introduce yourself)

Excellent! I created the group @chapter_se_michigan, anyone can join that group by clicking on the group and then select ‘join’. People can also message that group. The group info links to your social-media page. For tagging you may use the country tag #us.

I added you already to the group! :slight_smile: And I added this new chapter to the global chapter map.

As for promoting the social-media page, that’s indeed not easy. Especially since the movement’s popularity has declined over the years. But you could ask the admins of the TZM Global Facebook page to promote your page. @bjk could you please help @BobSacamano out with this?

And you can promote your own page in all the social-media groups out there. Also don’t forget to promote it on Twitter, Reddit, etc. We scattered all over the Internet :slight_smile: One of the reasons why I started this forum, now we can have a common place to meet, share information and stay connected.

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Sorry I haven’t got back to anybody the last a few days. I’ve had a lot of family issues to deal with. Obviously a lot of people have had to deal with deaths in their family in the age of Covid and I’m no exception. My grandmother died of Covid last spring and by the time we can arrange a funeral service, my aunt died earlier this year and I found out my grandfather died of old age the very day I started the website. Sometimes starting a new chapter in one’s life can happen in the most inopportune moments.

Sorry for your loss :frowning:

Don’t worry about it. Just do your thing at your pace and don’t push to hard or you’ll burn out quickly. Good to have you aboard!

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Thanks for the support. It’s been quite an emotion few weeks for me and this month proved to be a lot busier for me than I initially thought. I will see what I can do about promoting the chapter on other social media. I’d say reddit is the best option instead of twitter as twitter embodies the worst aspects of [anti]social media and is not based around group discussion and networking.


I’m Marcia. I live in Angier, North Carolina, USA. Our TZM project is called: Inatosha which means Enough is Enough. We are growing gardens to provide free food in the hopes of informing more people about RBE.
Next we hope these people will volunteer with us to make more food and create share libraries.

We know all of you smart people are working on ready-made blueprints to install complete cities, but we can not sit around and wait for that. It frustrates us. Not to mention there will not be any public land left if we do not try and acquire some.

Your map feature would be great to find people as opposed to TZM chapters. People who want to be involved in any RBE project.


Hi @Marcia_Everett, welcome and thank you for your introduction! :slight_smile:

In TZM we use the chapter structure to have a decentral hierarchy where people in a local area (city, province/state or country) can promote the Zeitgeist train of thought. Do you have a chapter? If so, then please provide us with a URL to your website/social-media page so that people can connect. I would also like to know the scope of your chapter, as is described in the top post in this thread. With that information I can create a forum group for your chapter and add you to the map :tada:

You can of course use the map for the purpose of finding like-minded people. Although I’m not sure if anyone has “ready-made blueprints to install complete cities”. Such a grand project would’ve caught my attention I think. Only The Venus Project comes to mind.

Please create a topic in #activism:projects about Inatosha with as much detail in the top post as possible. That way people can join in, give feedback and share it as well. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The group with the plans is called One Community for the Highest Good. And no, I do not have TZM chapter. I thought I said I have a project where we create gardens. I’ll have to go back and look to see what I wrote.