Global TZM chapters map (introduce yourself)

Awesome story! And cool to read about your RBE project. If you’d like and have the time you could share more details in #activism:reports, maybe with some pictures? Or if it’s still a work in progress you could also create a topic in #activism:projects so that people can track your progress and perhaps help out.

Together we can make TZM alive again, all it takes is some activism routine you enjoy and communicate your progress back to the community to inspire others to do something as well. :earth_americas:

Hi! Our chapter is missing on the map - TZM Russia.
Our site


Hi @TZM_Russia! I’ve created the group @chapter_russia and already added you to it. Anyone can join this group and can then be tagged here on the forum. The group can also be used to send messages :slight_smile:

The group has also been added to the map now.

If you can, maybe you can share an introduction? What kind of activism do you do? How active is your chapter and how many people have joined?

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Kees, I have a little of myself in my profile. I am a New Zealander. An old shepherd, silviculturalist. I am the father of three children, and a grandfather of seven.
I have been concerned about what we have been doing to this earth, ourselves, and the animal since I was a boy. It has been a constant ongoing crime and should have been in front of the Judge and kept there until our industries have run out of excuses. And the judges start working for us, not the industries. I grew up in a time that attacked people for talking about such things, where work come before family and you the person.
I am from what we know as ‘the South Island’ or ‘te Waipounamu’. I am living in the ‘North Island’, which we call ‘te Ika a Maui’, specifically Taupo where all my children live.
It is a joy to find such a place as this, and I hope I can contribute.

With Love


Is there a Utah chapter yet? I do not see it on the map.

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Welcome to the forum! :tada:

I cannot find any trace of a Utah chapter on social-media. If there was a chapter then they are (likely) no longer active. But feel free to start a chapter. It can be a modest first step to setup a social-media page/group or website with some basic information about the chapter and how to get involved. Once you have that I can put you on the map here as well. People will then be able to find you and things may start to grow from there. Because who knows, maybe soon someone will browse through the forum, see the map, and wonders about the same thing. If there is a map marker, then people know how to find each other. :slight_smile:

Hey is there a a chapter in scotland Uk

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Hi Sean,

Welcome! There is, but there is no contact signed up here on the forum. So that’s why there is no marker on the map with a forum group. If someone (maybe you) wants to be the point of contact for that chapter, then we can create the forum group and add it to the map.

You can come in contact with TZM Scotland via their Facebook group:

My name is Elaine. Im looking for a Chapter here in Atlanta, GA, are there any here in the state or near my state?
If not, I would like to learn how to create a Chapter here.


Hi Elaine, welcome to the forum! I found this Facebook page and contacted the admin. I asked him/her to signup on the forum and leave an intro about him/herself and some details about the chapter. With that info I can create a forum group and a map marker. Then people can easily find and contact the Atlanta chapter :slight_smile:

Let’s see if that person comes in contact with me and signs up here. If not, then we can organize an online meeting where I can give you some quick pointers on how to start and manage a chapter. :tada: I’ll DM you if that’s the case. How does that sound?

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That sounds great! Thank you so much!


hi my name is Monique and I’m new here. I watched the documentaries & read up on the movement a little, I’m so inspired by it all. I think the idea makes so much sense and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m a mom of 5 in Ohio and work 3rd shift. I don’t have a lot of money. but I wanna know someone like me can help. Im somewhat social media savvy and my kids also really love the idea of this. I wanna see this in my children’s future. I love it. but I have no clue what to do…any suggestions would be awesome ! nice to be here everyone :grinning:


Hi @iwannahelp22, welcome to the forum! And awesome to hear you would like to get involved. I’d recommend to first watch the orientation guide to get a detailed understanding of the train of thought.

It may be the easiest to talk this through “face to face” via an online meet. @ENCH is from Atlanta and @hoppy is from Scotland, they had a similar question. Perhaps it would be fun to combine this into an online meeting? I’ll ask some people from the @chapter_netherlands to join as well so they can share their experiences and thoughts.

I’ll get back in a week with some date suggestions.

yeah that sounds great just let me know when :slight_smile:

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In case anyone else is interested in an online face to face meeting:

Hi all🙋‍♂️

I am a student of class 10 from Bangladesh. Teenager so field with fire :fire: so I can give my best on whatever I think as worth it​:triumph:…

I had dream from childhood to see trust among all, happiness, no problems of money and etc. I always wondered how can I make my dream into a reality, spend many hours on thinking that, searching, educating myself on many topics etc. Recently found out that Jacque Fresco also had my dream from childhood and he already dedicated his life on Venus Project to create that dream world. I can’t find any ways to support his project and found out that I can work on building my dream world by working as a zeitgeist activist. So now I am here working for my dream.

Inshallah we all will reach out goal of creating a great world for out next generations😊.
Have a great day, salam (peace be upon you):heart:

@Kees is the first one I got to know here😅


Awesome! Again, welcome to the forum and TZM! :tada: I’ve created the group @chapter_bangladesh and added the chapter to the map :slight_smile: In the near future we will upgrade the map to a new design and possibly also an email address where people may contact your chapter.

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Yay we have a chapter now​:tada::tada:

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Remember you can always start a chapter :nerd_face: Having a listing here on the forum or not doesn’t change that. We’re a grassroots movement, this forum has no authority to grant or revoke the right of starting a chapter. You may be already aware of this, just making sure :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I know that :sweat_smile: I was just very excited to see that how many people want to create the best version of this world. Before knowing Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph I had my dream to do that. And I always thought how to make it reality. This screenshot is one example :joy::sweat_smile:

Whenever I told anyone about my dream most of them just laughed away and told that it’s impossible. I believed in my hart that it’s possible. Even if we reach it or not, working for that is a MUST! I was upset on how no one I talked to doesn’t had any dreams at all, none even wanted any good for society, They just think of their having a good life, good job, house, cars, money… Had zero person giving me any hope… I was afraid would I find anyone or not, can I do anything alone or not… Though I knew I can’t live my life not working on my dream, so I go on with whatever I can do Than found Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph and many others already believed in my dream and also gone through a lot of years of hard work making us more closer to our goal. Now with so many ones having the same dream and having so many materials I will be invincible :fire::sunglasses::joy:
So yeah I was really happy to find the community :blush:
Have a great day, salam🙋‍♂️

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