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Forum Categories

TimeStamp: 04:14 - 8:52


Co-initiatives forum category has not been talked about.

Forum categories, personal [notes/interpretation]


The whole forum except for [Activism β†’ Reports] is for English language only.

Activism [About translating a train of though into action]

  • Creating real world projects
  • Initiating gatherings of people
  • Exchanging tools and support
  • Reporting on progress of some kind.

Train of thought [General discussions on things and thoughts]

  • Talks about sustainability
  • News, blogs sharing in relation to sustainability, history and what not.
  • Sharing of digital content such as audio and videos, educational content.
  • Analysis on things and critical views.

Uncategorized [Related to Forum stuff and even more broad topics]

  • Suggestions for the forum: Plugins, Discourse,
  • Discussing forum organisation and tweaking of settings
  • Talks about forum improvement and changes
  • Random gibberish unrelated to anything else

Thanks for the written summary! I indeed skipped the #co-initiatives category, not intentionally though.

But if people want to know more about the usage of that category, then please check out this blog post or the presentation below.


I also changed the requirement for trust level 3 to assign tasks. It’s now set to TL1, meaning everyone with trust level 1 or higher can assign and be assigned topics.