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I’m not really using any social media and don’t have any followers - like 0 followers. It sucks productivity and will to live out of me to waste time on social media. I’ve shared it on polish TZM fb group around a week ago but I’m afraid most of the people can’t really speak english there at sufficient level. So that’s it for me. Hope the others do better.

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I feel the same way. I also block social-media in my home network via OpenDNS. I only now and then unblock it to post something.

But on social-media is where the people are unfortunately and it’s part of their daily routine. The forum could replace much of it in the context of TZM communication. But the forum is not that popular and self sufficient (yet).

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Well, social media is subject to malicious algorithms. If you have seen The social dilemma then you know what I mean. And I mean we are filtered out. Either manually for money, or automatically for money. Because we want to abolish money. Period.

So for years I’ve been wasting time and efforts trying to reach people on social media, slowly becoming aware that the machine has closed me behind impenetrable firewall. Because I’ve been identified as the enemy. I’m 3 years off social media now already, and that feels great. I’m annoying people sending them text messages with really important things. Afaik that’s not subject to algorithmization so far…

And I have lots of energy for other stuff. Before I had not even half that power. No wonder people are so zombiefied…

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We’re indeed competing with LOL cat pictures, which will be showed more often because they keep people scrolling :slight_smile:

I agree that social-media isn’t suitable for all activism. It can work of course (Arab spring/HongKong protests/Extinction Rebellion/Occupy). For the FB groups you can configure notifications, so in that sense you won’t miss a thing. But still, it lacks the structure that this forum can offer.

However, it could be that people just don’t see the benefit of the forum. So it’s then up to us (the forum community) to create this awareness. By showing how the forum can benefit, I wouldn’t go down the road of demonizing social-media. That will not have a high success rate.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– Buckminster Fuller

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We are competing with easy dopamine hits from likes on social media.

Trying to convince people to go and do stuff. They’ll give us many likes for that, meaning they agree is should be done, but they won’t really participate, because ratio of effort to reward is 10000/1 in favor of social media compared to, say, creating self-sufficient RBE communities, writing post-scarcity management software, or solving other complex problems that this movement requires from them to succeed.

I’ll be blunt. We’re dealing with junkies. I’m not even angry at them anymore. It’s just the new normal. They would rather netflix and chill, or watch crazy cats than put any effort into whatever. Likes are cheap. :expressionless:

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I don’t think this is the best welcome for people that enjoy social-media :wink: Which is of course fine if people find that enjoyable. Many chapters here also use social-media to coordinate their chapter.

I seldom find honesty in the world these days, but when I do It’s usually friends that are honest with me. And I do appreciate their honesty, even if it tastes bitter.

No addict likes to be called out on their addiction. They all control themselves perfectly! And no one likes to be told about their flaws. Or that they need to do anything. That’s why echo chambers are so popular, and so little is done while so many likes are given to no avail. :sweat_smile:

Let’s stay on topic and focus on promoting the forum, that includes social-media, since that’s where most people are nowadays :slight_smile:


Copy/pasted the promotion text onto the following Facebook groups:

I contacted the top 40 active users in the TZM BOINC team (Rosetta@Home). And contacted some random Dutch people from there. Who knows, maybe the TZM NL chapter can grow as well :slight_smile:

More info about this below (in Dutch, but Google Translate is your friend)

Shared the URL of the forum in the following subreddits:

So far, 3 new users signed up since our campaign started :roll_eyes:

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The community health of the last quarter. The trend still doesn’t look positive.

_ would love to share with the forum that if not for @chapter_malaysia post in the shoutbox over

there would NOT be activity from me here! Guaranteed! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Please see: TZM Free Shelter/Accommodation available now

Revolution Now!,

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Please spread the word if you know more people that might be interested in this forum. :tada:

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Done! Screenshot’d, sent to 1 other human being over IM, now we wait…? :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

" _… me… challenge @chapter_malaysia @Chris_Asd @Marcos_Cueva @linguistic-team to do the same as
above " * giggles, runs off *


I have joined reddit and advertised the koto initiative a bit in few thematic communities I’ve been lurking on recently. FYI

“daunting but not impossible they say…” * scrurries off *

Revolution Now!,

If these were COVID statistics, it would be good news :nerd_face:

star trek GIF

Some services such as Youtube might prevent external links in the comments, this is one of the solutions to still share the information about this TZM forum:

Official TZM Forum


Remove the ▨ square symbol to open up.


This depends on the channel. Some people allow links, while others don’t. Probably because of spam. On the TZM NL channel it is allowed.

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The forum was also promoted yesterday on the FB Global page with around 300.000 followers. But we only got 18 likes and it seems only one new signup. Of course Facebook doesn’t show the post to all followers, it’s based on an algorithm. I guess there wasn’t enough interaction to show it to more people.

I guess we tried! :nerd_face: I’ll probably focus on some personal projects the rest of the year. Let’s see how the forum performs on its own. And then around December/January we can decide if and how the forum will continue :slight_smile:

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