Evaluating the forum after one year (moved)

I think the forum would have been great a few years ago, back when we didn’t have any good options and ended up going with Discord.

But the forum has never felt like a TZM community to me. It might have some technically good aspects, but missed some heart.
Unfortunately the moderators and admins of the other TZM communities you mentioned all seem to have gotten sick of the constant messages that the forum would be better and it feels that you’ve alienated the people who could have brought in some of the heart to balance out the head.

I don’t know if the issue with the forum is that the TZM community is simply too small to support another space, if forum’s are simply out of date as a communication technology or if it was a promotional issue.

I suspect a bit of all three.

Myself, I’ve not got the bandwidth for keeping up with a few channels on Discord and the main FB page. I’m more interested in working on the Post Scarcity Podcast, helping with the Zday events and the like.

I know that the forum has a lot of uses but what I’ve actually been wanting is a kanban board Trello like alternative so we can do project management.
That’s something I’d be more actively interested in as it’s a different space for focused project(s) or similar specific purpose.

The forum to me is just another place for people to talk. There’s plenty of that and I’m far enough along after 12+ years of TZM that I’m not that useful at greeting new TZM members. I’d prefer to be making content and tools.

That’s my 2c

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