Community acronym overview

The table below provides an overview of acronyms used now, or in the past. These acronyms may often become normalized over time by long-time activists. But can be confusing for newcomers when acronyms are not used much anymore, but are still referenced in old videos or documents.

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  1. The GCA has been discontinued since around 2017 ↩︎

  2. The GCT was never brought into use and was meant to replace the GCA ↩︎

  3. TZM and TVP split in 2011 ↩︎


Please note that the GCA is very much defunct and doesn’t exist.

GCT never fully existed, but did manage to collate some chapter info a few years ago which is archived to

I’ve never heard the term TZMC.


It’s not really used. But the server is called tzmc1, so if someone wonders what that means :slight_smile:

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I personally do not care so much for acronyms. They get a really “cliche”, groupie, or sometimes cult association with having them, especially for something in the nature of TZM.

TZMC is something I perhaps have heard once, and it was like a decade ago.
GCA has been for almost 6 years defunct.
TVP, why is this being mentioned in association with TZM?
LTI has also been within TZM defunct for a very long time.
RBE / NLRBE are terms we are trying to get away from.
PJ? Why is he in the list?

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It’s not a list of official groups, people or teams :slight_smile: I believe @sabtu started this initiative because he came across some acronyms in Teemu his statement about why he left TZM. These acronyms sometimes popup, they can be confusing for people unfamiliar to them. This is just to clarify them a bit. At least that’s how I interpreted this. It’s just an overview to help people understand these acronyms. PJ is something similar, we know what it means, but some people may not. This overview, which is community maintained, can be very helpful.

“We” is not me and many others :wink: It’s okay you set that as a goal with some other people. But a unilateral decision like that sounds like a GCA move :clown_face:


“We” means people that do not want to have legal issues or misunderstandings with the term that is used big banks and companies way before people started using it for its internal uses in this movement for example. It is very misleading to use with the public.

But hey, if someone wants to be the fool in the end, have fun. :wave:

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No one wants to be a fool. You told me in the past you wanted to move the movement itself away from the RBE and NLRBE terms because PJ didn’t mention them anymore (among other activists in your circle) and “post scarcity” is more mentioned in scientific literature and PJ does mention those nowadays. The last argument I can agree on. But it’s a very broad term. Does it mean the post scarcity strategies done by WEF, UN or the Dutch government? Because post scarcity projects are happening. And they are great. But none really define the post scarcity model depicted by TVP and TZM. So yeah, post scarcity is a great umbrella term we should embrace as well since it gets traction. But we shouldn’t lose the unique holistic view/message on social sustainability due to that.

Please share some more info about banks and companies using (and owning) the acronym (NL)RBE which also stands for (Natural Law) Resource Based Economy. I’m open to be convinced otherwise. But this is not something you mentioned before, in fact this is the first time I hear this from anyone.

You also want to force out the term chapter in the movement, so when you say things in a similar fashion about other terms, it reminds me of that and the complaints about the GCA being unilateral.


If bit by bit they take away our language like they own it, then we might as well give up. I for one like the term “Resource Based Economy”. I find it hard to speak to people about “post scarcity” when there are all those calamities encroaching upon us. It’s not believable that there is going to be “post scarcity utopic society” anytime soon when everything’s going south. It sounds like a pipe dream. But rational management of resources bypassing the market mechanisms to save what is left of the world, much like during a war, seems not only plausible, but feels right. Feels like something we need. We need RBE and we need it now. We’ll have true “post scarcity” when and if it’s all over, but let’s first implement RBE to deal with this shit (that’s got to go)…

So I’m one of those fools that will stick to RBE. :wink: